Welcome to the World of Professional Boxing

The walk from the locker room can be a short one, though made to feel like an eternity. Through the corridors, your mind racing, thinking about all the work you've put in, all the training, the mental preparation, the tension, the butterflies in the stomach.  A look at your trainer walking in front of you, trying to remember the instructions he has been drilling into you in the last six weeks of training camp, your opponent's weaknesses, your strengths.

Thoughts of your family and loved ones racing through your mind, the need to win to provide for your family, your legacy.

Finally, that very short, long walk is over and into the arena, you come to the sound of the music, about to face the music and dance.

Welcome to the world of professional boxing. If you live in Melbourne and feel you've got what it takes contact Invictus Gym.

Although this could be your last fight, you always remember your first walk.  And lest you forget before any of these events even begin to take place, there's the locker room.

Your entourage around, sometimes a bonus and well-needed support and encouragement, sometimes the complete opposite making you more tense than necessary, you knowing full well, they get a percentage of the purse for the fight, and there is a big difference between winning and losing. Time to get your hands wrapped, the slow, methodical process, giving you more time for thoughts to race through your mind and finally on go the gloves, time to lace them up and put on that robe.  Covered with sponsors who you also can't let down on the night.

You look across at your cut man hoping he's going to be redundant throughout the fight, the tension is palpable, the adrenaline flowing. 

The walk to the ring, those three steps feel like climbing Everest and into the ring to the boos, the cheers, a look across at your family and friends. This is it there's no-where to hide. It's Showtime.

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