Things To Know About The Golden Age Of Hip Hop

The unique inflections, beat and rhythms of a new musical genre first busted out of the African American ghettos of New York and LA. Some of the best known names for this scene have become the most recognized ones in the music industry through the years. The movement reached its peak during the late eighties and early to late nineties.

Many people can lay claim to producing an era of musical innovation and new processes for making and recording songs that have now become standard. The golden age of hip hop established these and all who work in the music industry today appreciate their benefits. Improvisation, street language, the most common binder for the mass of musical fans, are some of its unique qualities.

The clarity of expression here was taken from the most ancient civilizations on earth. The players had actually studied the roots of their musical influences which were developed in the bayous and plantations of the Old South. They saw back into time to the time when shamans ruled the heavens and their destinies with the beat of percussive instruments and poetry.

The players thus had a vast repertoire of influences and inspiration from the African continent. The stripped down process of making music was very much at the core of this modern movement. Beats were stylized with cultural, tribal or street local identities and these became known as either West or East coast styles.

Eventually many other regions came to be identified with their own unique beats. Today, the scene is so diverse and productive on all levels that you could say that this music has come to stay. There may be more innovations and improvements in the game, but the industry is probably projecting for more movements to come to the fore.

Lately, a spate of hits from white hip hop artists have provided a boost to what some would say the lagging state of this genre. In fact, it may be gearing up for a new era of freer expression, the equality which many were fighting for, and the unbiased, unprejudiced outlook. The whites give homage to all the icons of this music with their own styles.

It is easy to produce unique sounds from the most basic of instruments used here. One innovation is the turntable system that provides percussive treble to percussion or rhythm instruments. More specialized instruments are tastefully brought into the sound from time to time to provide accents and special motifs.

What many once saw as a too simple and direct way of expression related to rebellious young Africans in America is now seen as a well thought out and heartfelt sharing of their experience. This has become the basis for more experimentation, more conversations and more friendships across the musical divides.

There are no boundaries that holds off anyone from forming unique combinations of genres. Reggae, roots rock, alternative and fusion have all partaken of the influence of this new style. This has now become an established standard with which many major artists are making new songs.

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