A Simple Trick To Revive A Rechargeable Battery

For as long as I have been using and indicating the use of rechargeable batteries, I have also strongly theorized the employment of a wise charger with a refresh or reconditioning functions.

So, why, when I put an advanced lithium-ion batteries that is barely 6 months old in my Anshan Energy 16 charger – basically the most advanced charger in the world – does my battery series as faulty? This ever happen to you? If you have used rechargeable for any stretch of time, the answer will definitely be a resounding yes.

A Simple Trick To Revive A Rechargeable Battery

 However, you'll discover there's good chance there is nothing wrong with this battery – and it really might be restored for many useful recycles. This is what has occurred:

You place the battery in a somewhat unsophisticated device; much like a child's toy and the batteries became over discharged.

Typically, you won't need to over discharge cells below 1.0 volts and the vast majority of gadgets have an automatic “stop-working" voltage cutoff to counteract this. But lots of toys and simple devices don't have this feature.

So, in this instance, your rechargeable battery voltage has dropped below 1.0 volts – state down to.8 volts. A wise charger will detect this for a bad cell, not begin the charging or refresh cycle – since it seems that the batteries are depleted.

But if you put this battery inside a"dumb" charger for approximately ten minutes, then the voltage will rise sufficiently to have a smart charger to recognize a viable cell and start the restoration/charging process.