Questions about Doba and Worldwide Brands

There are many similarities and differences between Worldwide Brands and Doba, both of which are sources of suppliers and wholesale goods for online re-sellers.  But there are some important differences too – most of all in the type of suppliers and the price of membership.  In this article, that's what I'm going to talk about in more detail.

Doba and Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a directory of wholesalers, liquidators, manufacturers and drop shippers – in total over 8,000 certified suppliers.  Of these, the overwhelming majority (more than 90% of them) either drop ship or sell in light bulk.

When you buy from Worldwide Brands you search for a product or supplier, get their contact information and deal with them directly.

There are two key differences with Doba though.  First of all, Doba only does drop shipping – no buying in bulk or light bulk from any of their suppliers.  Secondly, as you buy through Doba itself, you do not deal with any suppliers directly, which makes using Doba easier but less flexible.

The Cost of Membership

There's a big difference in the cost of membership too – while Doba ranges from $30 to $250 a month, Worldwide Brands costs $249 for lifetime membership.  So while Worldwide Brands is more expensive initially it works out to be cheaper and more flexible in the long term.…

Worldwide Brands Review and Comparison

Worldwide Brands is a leading directory of drop shippers and wholesalers, and in this Worldwide Brands review I am going to compare it to the top alternative at the moment (Salehoo) as well as talk about the main features of the Worldwide Brands directory itself.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are both directories of wholesalers and drop shippers, all of which have been fully researched and certified as legitimate before being listed.

Both have about 8,000 suppliers in total, although there is a significant gap in the number of products listed in each directory.  Both come with extras as well – including tutorials and forums.

Salehoo has an annual fee of $67 and Worldwide Brands costs a one off membership price of $299 for lifetime access.

Worldwide Brands vs Salehoo

The first and most important thing to say when comparing World Wide Brands to Salehoo is that Worldwide Brands is significantly larger than any of the alternatives, including Salehoo.  With more than 16,000,000 products as of 2018 (compared to Salehoo's 1.5 million) Worldwide Brands is more than ten times the size of Salehoo.

With that increased scale comes two important things that you will be looking for in a directory of suppliers; product diversity and low prices due to more intense competition between suppliers.

Worldwide Brands has a few other advantages too – it has a one off membership fee, rather than Salehoo's annual fee, and there are no other costs for access to the database of suppliers and extras like forum access and tutorials.…