Skin Care Tips for all you skin problems.

These and beauty care productts used for the final step in your cleansing routine, are all basically similar. They differ mainly in the amount of alcohol they contain – those for dry skins having little or none, whilst those formulated for oily skins will have a higher proportion. What do they do? They remove the last traces of cleanser from your skin (so that it doesn't remain there, attracting dirt). They refine the skin's texture, perk up the circulation and refresh the skin. (It used also to be said that fresheners, toners and astringents 'closed' the pores after cleansing had supposedly 'opened' them; but we now know that this doesn't actually happen – it only appears to happen.)

Apply on a pad of cotton wool. If you wet the cotton wool with a little water first, then wring it out, your freshener will go further. (Why waste half of it soaking the cotton wool?) Pat all over your face and throat -everywhere your cleanser has been. It isn't essential to use a freshener, toner or astringent after cleansing with soap, a cleansing bar or a wash-off cleanser, as the water you use will remove these products from your skin. But if you are using an astringent to help control oiliness, then you should reapply it after any type of cleansing. All these products can be used as quick cleansers when make-up isn't worn – first thing in the morning, for instance; or to refresh your skin in hot weather – when it helps to keep them in the 'fridge!

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Sometimes, your skin will need a deeper and more thorough cleansing. Perhaps it may look rather dingy, or not be holding make-up well, or you may have been ill or simply not taking sufficient care of your complexion. But even if none of these apply to you, it's worth trying one of these methods anyway -it's surprising what a difference they will make!

The easiest – and certainly the cheapest -way to deep-clean your skin is with the help of steam. Begin by cleaning off your make-up in the usual way, but in this case you need not repeat the process two or three times. Then fill a bowl or wash basin with boiling water -and add a few fragrant dried herbs if you wish. Hold your head over the water – about 9-12 ins (25-30 cm) away – for two or three minutes or until the steam stops rising. Then cleanse again, just as before. You will be surprised at how much more grime you can take off! If you have a very sensitive skin, or broken veins, then steaming is not for you. Also, as the process is drying, you should always apply a moisturiser when you have completed the cleansing process.

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