Prefabricated Homes For Modern Living

Types of Prefab Homes There are three types of modern prefab homes:

Modular Homes

Modular prefabricated homes are built in a climate-controlled environment in modules or sections and later transported to the site for installation. Here they are permanently installed by professional installers. The advantages of modular homes are:

They can reduce the time of construction by over 35% and you can get into your new home faster. While site-built homes take weeks to finish, modular homes only take about a week to put together.

Modular homes are very economical when compared to other types. Because there is no cost of interim financing of construction, modular construction can be completed in lesser cost than on-site construction. Modular homes offer excellent value for money.

Manufactured Homes

Mobile home roofingmanufactured homes are available in 3 sizes, double wide, single wide, and triple wide. They are usually built on steel beams and transported in sections to the site of assembly.

Mobile Homes

The mobile home is a prefabricated home built on chassis built in a factory. Mobile homes also called trailers are built on wheels and can be pulled by another vehicle. They are used on holidays and as temporary accommodation.

mobile home roof over

Module Mounting Structure

Module mounting structures key to the effective working of solar power plants. An EPC contractor is responsible for proper module mounting structure management.Some projects have adopted a combination of steel and aluminum as well for the mounting structures. The components of module mounting structures are:

  • Vertical posts and rails
  • Horizontal rails
  • Mounting clips
  • Tilt bracket
  • Cable tray

The selection of the module mounting structure depends on site conditions like weather, rainfall, wind, and temperature. The design of the structure must last the entire lifetime of the solar project which is typically about 25 years.

PEB structure design

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) are constructed at a factory and assembled at the site. PEB’s are generally steel structures factored to exact size and transported to the site of assembly. This structural design is usually implemented in warehouses, metro stations, and industrial buildings.

The PEB structure design is based on the economy and easy fabrication. PEB structures consist of a primary frame, secondary structural elements, roof and wall panels, sandwich panels and other accessories.

Portable Office Container

When you require office space at the job site that can be set up fast but does not compromise on durability or comfort, portable container office is the right choice. They offer convenient workspaces that can be set up fast, are tough and affordable.

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