Music Brings Ultimate Beauty to a Soul

No one can eventually give an answer to the question of “What music is?” Music tells stories, makes us cry, breaks our hearts; inspire us to fall in love even over and over again. It has become a universal language that makes us even believe that extra-terrestrial beings use music to communicate with us. In effect, Olivia Speaks Blog strengthens our acceptance that music is a human creation from a heavenly source…maybe.

The Path Music Follows From The Brain To The Heart

Music is mysterious as a code or a vehicle for the spirit or soul. It is through hearing that we perceive its presence, with the vibrations of the sounds and sublime resonance entering our ears towards our brain. Music can move us beyond understanding as it reaches the core of our being which is the heart.

Finally What Music Is To All Of Us?

Olivia Speaks Blog claims that she is not a music expert but a music lover. She believes she can be the discoverer and at the same time the explorer of music as it is presented in the songs, rhythms and beat that engulf us into a wonderful world of sounds. Whatever its identity or whoever such music belongs it is both history and invention, remembering and forgetting. And with all its dazzling, breath-taking and spell-binding existence, it ultimately brings beauty to our souls.

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