Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park

Knott's Berry Farm is among the most well-known theme parks around the west shore, together with Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The theme park is located at Buena Park, CA. Contrary to other theme parks around the west shore that are possessed by film studios, Knott's Berry Farm is a producer of jams and preserves. Check out the online sources to know about

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Apart from the Knott's Berry farm theme park in Buena Park, the Knott's firm also launched the famous Camp Snoopy theme park at Mall of America, in Minneapolis, MN.

Knott's Berry Farm got its beginning in 1920, when Walter Knott and his wife sold berries from a rack on the sidewalk.

Throughout the 1930s Walter made the world's first boysenberry, and it will be a mixture of blackberry, loganberry and raspberry.

Also during the 1930s, Walter's wife Cordelia started serving fried chicken and within a few decades, the restaurant turned into a happening with enormous traces out of itleaving clients awaiting hours.

Walter placed on his thinking cap and opted to make a ghost city in 1940 to amuse the men and women who came to find a portion of their wife's cooking.

The ghost city was composed of buildings from Western city for example Prescott, AZ and Calico, CA. In 1968 Walter chose to employ his entrepreneurial head to his ghost city, therefore that he fenced his farm and started to control people for entrance, this is when Knott's Berry Farm the amusement park was born.

The Boardwalk was initially installed as a gypsy camp along with also a 20s settings. Now the Boardwalk contains the Majority of the parks thrill rides such as the Windjammer racing coaster, Supreme Scream, Xcelerator and Perilous Plunge.

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