Instructions for Using Home Pregnancy Tests Kits

A woman who feels she is pregnant will buy a test to confirm her pregnancy or she'll visit her physician for the same. A home pregnancy test is based on the impact of hormones present in the urine of pregnant woman onto the diagnostic strip. This test can produce reliable results only after one or more weeks after the missed period. There are many pregnancy test strips on sale you can order them from various online websites.

When it is done before this period of time, the number of hormones in urine might not be large enough to be detected by this test.

How This Test is done:

To do this simple test, the woman must set the stick or container in some cases, in her urine stream. After a brief waiting period, the existence or lack of pregnancy is revealed. It should be kept in mind that some medications such as some hormones used to treat infertility, can interfere with the pregnancy test and cause ‘false positive'.

Availability and Cost:

The cost, of course, depends on where you purchase and if you buy a single or a multi-test bundle. Why would you want more than one pregnancy test? Just because when the first one is done too soon and it reveals as negative as in reality pregnancy has already started. That is why a second one will be needed following a couple of days to confirm or refute the results of the initial test.


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