How to Maintain Your Lithium-Ion Batteries for a Long Time

As of the moment, lithium-ion batteries offer you the greatest cordless instrument electricity. While greater than the choices, however, these batteries may also be finicky. They could be bothersome and unkind, but despite that touchy character, there are a couple of things you can do to continue the good-side of those vital accessories.

Use some hints to maintain your battery for a long time. All the power tools are damaged over time. Lithium ion batteries degrade very quickly if it keeps unused for a long time. So use them frequently and if you are not in the trenches of a job, attempt to utilize them at least once in every month.

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Do not totally discharge your battery. You should charge lithium battery before it gets 20% or quickly after you are feeling a decline in your program's functionality. Don’t let them to completely deplete or they will be good for nothing but holding down a paper in a snap.

Regular charging is fantastic for lithium-ion batteries. Thus, feel free to bill them when they're just slightly depleted. You should charge it for a couple of minutes every month.

Charge your batteries at a cool, humid, windy atmosphere. While Li-ion batteries would rather be cooler, they certainly do not wish to be colder (or hot). Extreme temperatures will harm or ruin the compound structure of those batteries so doesn’t abandon them.

Keep them dry and cool and constantly between 40 and 85-degrees. Purchase new batteries when it is time to purchase a new lithium-ion battery, so be sure you're purchasing one that is new.

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