How Is Denture Repair Accomplished?

Your dentures broke and they're off being fixed. But how are they fixed? Who fixes them and what type of stuff do they use? Is it safe to rely on a lab for denture repair? These questions and more could be going through your head as you await your order to be finished. It’s important to get the Best Denture Repair in Toronto, Ontario right away.

Understanding how a dental laboratory works and the credentials of the team can help set your mind at ease about any work you're having done. In addition, it can satisfy simple curiosity.

Denture Repair Lab Location and Staffing

Denture repair occurs in a dental lab. The lab could be found inside the dentist office, but more likely it's a stand-alone facility to which the dentist or denturist ships appliances which need attention. Cosmetic labs also fix dentures based on orders received directly from the individual. These orders are placed via the telephone, Internet or via mail-order.

A respectable laboratory will use American Dental Association (ADA) approved or accredited materials and have a mix of managers, dentists and certified dental technicians on staff. This helps to ensure safe practices in addition to quality customer and technical support for the consumer.

Specially trained denture technicians work in the lab where they may construct and fix various kinds of dental appliances from bridges and crowns to dentures and retainers. Or the laboratory may focus solely on denture construction and repair.

Workers primarily use hand tools to make a specific model of the patient's mouth or teeth. The tech follows written directions from the dentist and uses models, casts or molds of their patients' mouth or teeth, if available.

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