Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis for Chronic Pain

While medicinal cannabis is being touted by some as a safe alternative to opioids for chronic pain, and also as a remedy for other ailments such as epilepsy and useful in palliative care, the jury is still out when it comes to an evidence-based platform for these claims.

With little data about dosages and methods of administration to achieve a required effect, insufficient long-term clinical studies and limited knowledge of side-effects when used for medical purposes, there is a reason to be cautious about the benefits of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain.

Regardless of the dearth of evidence, nevertheless, there’s a developing body of anectodal evidence and user stories suggesting it may be effective in reducing symptoms of chronic pain, especially to the most severe cases of pain in which other therapies have failed.

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Currently, people who would like to utilize medicinal cannabis for chronic pain can get it via the TGA’s Special Access Scheme. According to the TGA, there were 136 cases accepted by means of this strategy so far. You can click to buy cannabis clones online.

The TGA is now developing guidelines for medical professionals on the prescribing of medicinal cannabis, which can be published at the end of the year.

People are eager to give input into this process on behalf of our members and members, and we’ve developed a member questionnaire to listen to your perspectives.

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