Ask A Water Damage Company: What Do I Do When A Pipe Bursts?

It is 3:00 a.m. You are sound asleep, and then BOOM! A water heater bursts. This is never a suitable scenario, and it can result in a number of people who have never dealt with it to panic. All things considered, what do you do when a water pipe unexpectedly bursts in your home? Call a plumber? Call a water damage company?

The water restoration company, they can tell you the steps to consider if this should occur to you. Hopefully it does–but only in case, this is exactly what you ought to do.

Step #1: Shut Water

Go to your main valve and turn the water off. They often have a stop tap . It's very good to know where your water main is in case of emergencies, so in the event that you don't already know, find out. It could be anywhere from your garage to an area farther away. Shutting off it will block the water flow. If the pipe which has burst is a hot water pipe, then close the valve that's in addition to water heater.

Step #2: Remove Any Nearby Electronics

If there's anything electrical plugged in near the burst pipe, immediately unplug it from the socket and then move it away. This may prevent danger of a flame.

Step #3: Call A Professional Immediately

Very often, the problem with this is that it's after work . Finding a 24-hour service to handle a crisis can be tough, but emergency water damage companies do exist, such as Pro Restoration. Make sure that which you've come out is fully licensed and qualified.

Measure #4: Clean Up What You Can

While you're waiting for the specialist to arrive, clean up as much of this water as you possibly can. When there's still water leaking, place a container or bucket beneath it to catch water.

Measure #5: Have Someone Check Everything Out

If there's considerable water damage, it is extremely important to the health of your home that you have it analyzed by a water damage professional. It's also a good idea to have an electrician check to make sure no electric aspects of your home were ruined. A water damage restoration company can do all of this for you. The most important thing is to make sure whoever checks these items for you is a certified expert. If they aren't, and they overlook something, you're liable to damage your property.

Measure #6: File An Insurance Claim

You'll want to contact your insurance provider immediately to begin an insurance claim for the damage. Taking photos is always a smart idea, along with your insurance agent may visit your home to assess the damage. A fantastic restoration company will frequently take care of the insurance broker for you.

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