All You Need To Know about Hand Cream

Nowadays, people are becoming more concerned with their look. This explains why there are plenty of beauty items that everyone can get for example hair conditioner, facial moisturizer and hand lotion. If you want to shop hand cream from Health+Harmony go to web.

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You may ask yourself whether it's fine to put on only 1 form of lotion for your entire body as its intent is to essentially moisturise your skin and prevent dryness. The answer to your query is absolutely no! Each and every beauty product is concocted to present unique usages and even to cure particular skin conditions.

You can't use hand lotion on your face since it will certainly clog skin pores because it's a specially created skin product which has a thicker consistency when compared with other cream. This denser texture permits the lotion to enhance the irregular areas which typically develop on knuckles in addition to palms.

Further, hand lotion is usually produced using effective compounds such as petroleum jelly, shea butter, lanolin and cocoa butter for its emollient foundation whilst glycerine is added for its water binding element. Several other components anyone can read on the tag ranges from several components like Vitamin A, E and C together with herbal and plant extracts which gives certain advantages.

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