All About Li-Po Batteries

Lithium Polymer, also referred to as Li-Po represents a standard in battery technology which makes them smaller, lighter, but in precisely the exact same time stronger. Their ability to weight ratio improved significantly from their own insecurities.

This battery technology took major roles in alerting electrical RC helicopters to its existing popularity. Nonetheless, you will encounter Li-Po batteries in each element of RC. If you want to know more about Li-Po batteries then you can hop over to


Like performance materials, good treatment of Li-Po batteries is needed to be able to ensure they continue as long as possible and stay strong. As a result of this, it's crucial to comprehend the acronyms which are connected with that. Even though they seem perplexing, upon getting a grip on comprehending them, Li-Po batteries aren't complex in any way.

Number of Cells (S):

This represents the amount of battery packs. Quite often, the amount of cells have been substituted with the letter (S). As an instance, a battery package tagged with 4S usually means the battery pack includes 4 cells. Normally, the greater the range of cells, the stronger and the more lasting the battery pack is.

Battery Voltage (V):

This is the overall electrical capacity of this battery pack. There are two methods to work out the voltage of a battery package. The first technique is to select the amount of cells from the package and multiply it by the voltage of each cellphone. 

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